Meet Our Participants: Serenity Lavender

Our participants will spend the next weeks describing their businesses for you…

Welcome to Serenity Lavender!

History shapes how we view the present and this is true at Serenity.  Our story begins with the formation of the soil during the ice age through repeated glacial advances and retreats which resulted in deep morainic soils, perfect for growing lavender.  The bounty of this soil was recognized by native peoples and later the United Empire Loyalists who received this land for their contribution to the American Revolution.  This soil saw the area’s history unfold through the Underground Railroad, the War of 1812, and European immigration.

Today, the soil is home to Serenity Lavender and reflects the owners’ European ancestry and farming heritage.   As 3rd generation Ontario farmers, the story of this farm is an extension of that history and hopes to provide you with a little bit of European paradise where you can relax, escape the stressors of life and rediscover your senses.

Serenity Lavender is stop # 15 for Explore the Shore 2011 and can be found at 130 County Road 50 East.

Swallowtail on lavender.

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